Moment of Zen

It’s been a while since I saw a video that made my jaw drop and felt was worthy of Moment of Zen status, but Wizard Smoke fits the bill to a tee. I love seeing beautiful cinematography mixed with unique effects, especially when those effects are just quirky ways of playing with color and light and dust and smoke. I really appreciate people who are willing to get dirty (so to speak) in order to produce something that looks unique instead of defaulting to some pre-packaged filter.

In any case, everything about this video is divine, from the cinematography to the music to the editing. I like the wavering tempo of it which is unusual for other videos I’ve seen on the subject, but is so wonderfully refresing. Enjoy.

A short skateboard video from Salazar Productions featuring, Bradley Sheppard, Alien, Nate Lacoste, Chris Connolly, Nate Roline, Stacy Gabriel, Desmond Hoostie, Mike Klinkhamer, and Rob Rickaby

Directed By Liam Mitchell
Cinematography by Nathan Drillot and Liam Mitchell


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