D-Signed promo video

A few weeks ago I completed a project for Disney and Target for the upcoming clothing line collaboration with Demi Lovato. It was done with the help of some awesome folks at A Common Thread and super talented Ross Ching of Little Bribes fame.

The video is a mixture of live action and animated sequences that were done in a really unorthodox way. (It took four cups of coffee and a brain cramp for me to visualize the first time around.) The biggest challenge was creating transitions between the two that would look natural within the flow of the video and would feel like the animations are part of the story.

To create the animation, each of the panels is drawn on a folded series of pages which the actor unfolds as they go along in a specifically choreographed order. Opening and closing the panels creates the illusion of motion. We brainstormed everything from post-it flipbooks to paper dolls and some of the ideas show up in the final piece. Take a look below and please share!

Extra thanks go out to Magda for hooking up the gig, miss Eunmi for late-night “Drawing 101: Perspective” lessons and letting me borrow her lightbox, Aaron for getting brain cramps with me, and Ross for being awesome to work with but mostly for replacing my erasers.

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